Her Man

I had a dream about you, it was the most weirdest of things. To think some time ago I would have laughed at the mere mention of your name. Funny how not only my mind, but my conscious speaks of you, constantly reminds me of your name. I secretly hope to come into your sight, so that my presence reminds your heart of its affection for me, then I will be welcomed back into your embrace. This is all too embarrassing to admit because I know my heart is warming up to the one it can never have. I wish time was kinder, circumstances more permitting. With all this being said, I wish your heart finally finds rest from hidden pain and all of life’s temperaments. May you find a gentle soul to soothe the mind when troubling memories are at bay. May her mind comprehend and consummate your thinking and love you with all your scars and open wounds. This above all I pray, that heaven restore your faith and remind you to be kind to yourself


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