Treacherous you have proved to be. My soldiers you have executed as they’ve attempted to save you, or maybe captivate you through the display of my strengths. My breath always takes leave at your sight. Moments of my life, never to be regained, at the feet of your sweet words, words that seek to assure me of your unattainable affections. Your passion for me is truly undoubted, but your ubiquitous actions of affirmation seem to bring smiles to many hearts in the room, as if we all see you through eyes filled with reverence. You make me smile though, well at least the thought of you; maybe of you and me even. Your existence has truly enslaved my heart; all I do now is to play at your command. My mind tries to be rebellious, flirting with the wrong tune, moving the wrong foot, but then your name arises and all is back at your will. Treacherous you have proved to be, no loyalties to me, unfaithful to her through the gestures you furnish me with. I am never to receive you completely, but patiently I wait to be pardoned from these chains.


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