moving with you still

I really wanted to call you today. See how you are doing,well to reason with you really. I wanted to ask if you have been keeping well,not that I would ever really know, well from your words that hide the truth; your smile that conceals your heart. I just wanted you to know I’m hear, but in my mind I feel like you know that I care. Your distance has made me doubt our forever, made me think you have found a new happiness that has no place for me. The problem is I hear you have never been happy, that your sorrow flows far beyond your streams, that the river that always pardoned your trespasses does not welcome your youthfulness anymore. I do not know what I need to say for you to start displaying your fear,reciting your worries to me. I know I can ease your burdens, I await the day you let me. I still love you, it remains that simple, regardless of all the constraints amid us.


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