The Lovers

My heart has many lovers, my mind entertains each like a different season. It smiles sometimes when it crosses their paths but its never consistent with its affection. It just invited a new one recently, excited by how he doesn’t mind me much. I guess it loves being challenged by ones ego yet it quickly bores when there is a mutual understanding of temperaments. I honestly never mind its dealings, displeased by its indecisiveness and lack of loyalty. I try fight its ways but more than half the time it wins these infinite battles. I have to watch as it parades its victory, lifting its different flags, ever changing in spirit and actions. Some though fly longer than others, some high than longer and some barely lifted off the ground. The criteria has never been clear to me, but with the mind it conjures up the ideal features, configuring the perfect partner. I laugh sometimes when its PAST suitors start speaking with such conviction, unaware that their reality is ambitions towards something that ceased without their knowledge. Some though may prolong this inevitable state, but eventually their words dig them deeper into their demise. I would advise them to stay a mystery but their hopes keep them longing for more, fighting to get further. I sometimes wish I could replace it with another, then maybe my life would reach a point of stability. My heart has many lovers, but with time they all become just another.


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