I feel like making love to you

I feel like making love to you, I want to finally smile at you. I feel like basking in your presence, in ore of your strength,mesmerized by your tenacity, melting in you grip. I can’t wait to make love to you, go deep into your core. I can stand your burns, I’m refreshed by the earth that caves me in your base. I want it all, I want all of it, the dirt, drown in your rivers, fall into your unfurnished plateaus. Let me have it all, it is my treasure and I marvel at its beauty, oh how beautiful you have proven to be. I await my place next to you as we hibernate in shallow ground, with no assurance of our survival. Seasons will never be still, the reality of you a dream to be realised through His graces. Patiently I will pray,patiently I will dream, patiently I will love you and await the day I will make love to you.


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