Bless you :)

‘I hope one day you read this’, words so familiar when one is letting go of someone that has their heart. Well I guess I started this with those words, but this is not really one of those. You were never my heart, I never got the chance to love you, maybe I had such a thought, but I never had the moment to even whisper those sweet nothings that some speak of. I’m just taken by your aura, I have always felt your spirit would be free in my presence. I hope you read this because I would feel so much at peace knowing that you are aware of my affections for you and though I do not love you, I simply adore you. I enjoy the words your voice delivers to my ears. I enjoy the honestly in your eyes, the truth in your expressions, the innocence in your walk and the gentleness of your embrace. You truly are a strong man, unaware of your beautiful attributes. I fear she may take you for granted, I fear she will take you for granted but I have faith you will find the joy you deserve. I pray you finally get to smile without worries, I know that day will require patience and heartache, but I know the day when that smile comes my way it will ignite in me a light that God wanted only it to. I speak of a smile as if I speak of some angel that’s going to fall on my path at a time of darkness, but who knows, maybe its because it will be yours. Your fragility brings out my strengths and reminds me of my weaknesses. We will never fully comprehend the influence we have had on each others lives, but those encounters will become part of monumental moments in our lives. It really seems like it doesn’t matter now, we were and never could be. You are complex, I could go on and on but all I hope is that with all of life’s ups and down you stay well and loved.


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