The One

This is one of those moments where I miss what I do not have, what I could have, what I have had,what I have never had and what I will soon have.


just be

I would rather enjoy the truth in silence than witness the ignorance and lies of ones speech


It’s something we all have to struggle with, at times we come across it at more than one point in our lives:(.I thnk the fear of not knowing and the uncertainty may cause some temporary darkness, but just remember you are still on your path, trust in the Lord , He holds the keys to you destiny. Just be still,re access,reflect,let go of any baggage and mostly accept this moment you are in and any other that is to come. Don’t move past hurriedly having not accepted the decisions you made cause that’s when fear and uncertainty make you lose sight of your AWESOMENESS, which you obviously are and remember you are LOVED and that’s the only certainty you will ever have and need to keep you eternally sane.


Fervent admiration, foolish heart, in vain you proceed to the alter. No clarity of direction, no honesty in exchanges, a longing to finally belong, a requited affection that frequently avenges a past withering ghost. The blind loses all shame, momentarily buries the pain and in gay spirits moves ahead with unshakable faith, clinging to the mastered ululations of the mouton furred wolf. The wind airs words from mourners,seekers,manipulators and guardians. These are lost when in limbo, remembered when sanity swiftly moves by. The longing to escape overthrown by the safety of an embrace. The Victoria amazonica is beautiful, spread across rivers, floating with no worries, a sudden change in colour, an unexpected change in composition. Only a vision of fear, a construction of a wavering heart.

6 September 2012

Today I feel like my company is consuming me. I simply cannot breathe, a momentary paralysis is affecting my being. Thinking has become a recollection of forgotten and missed actions. I need to breathe, remove myself from my body, restore my spirit.

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