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The pain of knowing that you are no longer around is overcome by the gratitude of having had time with you and experienced your love, in my heart you remain the greatest friend 🙂


The longing I have for him led me into your arms. You had accents of him, maybe it was in your touch or the formation of your words. You were a caricature of him, a resemblance that lacked the substance that brings me alight. Now as shadow of shame appears whenever you sing my praises, a deceit that my heart almost acknowledged as true

be you :)

If I ask you for anything, its that you be kind to yourself. Look at yourself, take time to know yourself without obstructions, accept yourself, appreciate yourself, be aware of your growth, live in the MOMENT (its no mistake that you hear this all the time), keep learning about yourself, laughing and smiling at yourself.

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