Am i then…7/10/2012

Am I then weird for looking forward to going home to an empty house, hoping and wishing that there are no conversations waiting to be heard, faces longing to be seen, lips preparing to be kissed, bodies campaigning to be the ones to be touched? Am I then careless when I rid myself of the sounds and vibrations of telephones, from voices crying for attention, from premises that are too mediocre for my memory, restless news that bring no stimulation to the imagination, rid myself of those things that acquire no placement in my entirety? Am I then a breath that floats in between the stares, the uncomprehending smiles, the disgruntled prisoners, the bitter, the lost, the cool, the wise and the hopeful? I may not know what I am, but what I know for sure is that I want to BE STILL in Him, BE KIND to me, BE JOYFUL in life’s untamed, ubiquitous ways and be me, whether be it in the crowds or in my own company.


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