As one

There must be gold mines in his speech, his actions should enrich your being, your dialogue must have an undertone of love and your movements the light of his pride.


I don’t like being at war with myself. When the arm has healed, the leg starts to bleed. My being is not synchronised, each part is working on its own and when the one is on top,it suffocates the other. I need to breathe, I need to pray, I need to feel first, understand then…

I am…now I am

I have always had the idea of where I wanted to be in my life, but with so many interests I never knew how to encapsulate all of my aspirations into a clear vision. This past year I would pray, begging God to show me something, to make it all clear. Was I in the…

the underscore

Realistically is it for me, but does it induce a feeling of aspiration

The link

I want to be the explorer of potential, transform possibility into reality. Vague I know, but life has so much possibility and I have so much potential, its hard to pin down what exactly I speak of, but I feel like the design is now ready to come to life, the needle is ready to…

Promise that you will sing about

All I want to do, with whatever I do, I want to share myself with the world. My story should be told by what I do, what I have done. Who I am should be seen in my speech, my walk, my work, my smile.