brands, breathe life

I feel that the connection between brands and consumers could be strengthened by gaining knowledge on the composition of the individual, their journey into the self, their individual truth, their simplified views crafted from their emotional ties. Their story must be known, understood and its importance must be realised and appreciated. At inception these must be taken in when brands are created, with that individual in mind. It must be remembered that he has a community in which he belongs, might now be the one he resides in, might be one he is unaware of and this is where brands come in, to connect these people, to form unions that could have never existed if it were not for what seems like just a product. It is all good that sustainability has become an integral part of marketing, but brands now have a place to play on uniting people, bringing worlds together, guiding and leading people to where they belong, to their counterparts.its time for brands to dream, live and love.


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