I am…now I am

I have always had the idea of where I wanted to be in my life, but with so many interests I never knew how to encapsulate all of my aspirations into a clear vision. This past year I would pray, begging God to show me something, to make it all clear. Was I in the right direction? I guess my weariness would not allow me to hear His answer and see His vision as of yet and in a sense now I realise it was not yet my time to. So I kept on stepping and tragedy struck. STILLness. Just like that my ultimate ‘crutch’, the man I knew was my fall-back, my carrier was gone. These words may make it seem like he was the reason I never soared,but that would be an incorrect analogy and a story for another day. With all the pain came silence…, followed by sound. This to me was the sweetest sound, so enchanting, so tranquil and so medicinal. I heard Him, even my tears can’t begin to describe the overwhelming joy I felt that day. I had been doing what I was suppose to the whole time, the love for English and Math in high school, the Bcom general in varsity, the love for magazines, the interest in fashion, the intrigue and awe of creation, the simple appreciation for people and the craving to hear the stories of the land and the people that have graced its grounds. The components were always there, I just needed to see them at a time whe(re)n I could appreciate them. The power of Now. To me it’s about representing the individual, assisting him in finding his ‘home’, bringing people to their ‘families’, sustaining the earth and all its counterparts, turning the possibility into the extraordinary, bringing the arts into life to breathe life. I have no way of ending this little story, there is so much that is still to come, God’s vision of my life is too great to summarise. 🙂


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