Breathe, live :)

After a terrible occurrence, you cry out to the world, unfortunately only you know how deeply it has scarred you. So no one understands or fully comprehends. You soon realise that, some try to lift you, but you need to remain in that place, if only for a moment. Your tears dry out, your cries soon fade with the past, on occasion haunting your present. Now you are alone. It’s time to look around, your body frozen, your mind still. You see them slowly walking away, now words with them are just an echo, a sphere forms around your sanity. ‘Remain still’, ‘be patient’, ‘do not fear’. Slowly you start moving, a new peace in your walk, a new calm in your words, a clearer vision, an unspeakable joy in your heart, a new conversation to be had with the spirit that now lives in your memory. Soon, when you are healed, the Heavens will hold your hands, the Spirit dust you clean and h/His love show you your path, it’s not new, it’s just stronger, bolder, wiser.


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