It’s all you need

If anything, let time teach you the importance of love, let circumstances remind you of the love that you have.


We were never young were we, felt no struggle, the days were always sunny and rain brought needed rest days. We were never young were we, troubles of life our sphere; but we were dragons, breathing heat into every room we stepped into, some we warmed, some we burnt and left. Egotistic in our actions,…


Today I felt the utmost fear, the fear of losing myself. I cried during prayer, I cried while breathing, I’m crying while thinking. I woke up in a good state, but as my day progressed, or slowed down, I started to swallow myself. I suddenly feared losing my smile, I feared losing the truth, I…

my gift from God today is you

It’s not about sinking, but it is more about feeling like you are sinking. Don’t pull yourself down, instead look around you and see the love that is pushing you up.

Game of Thrones

“He would see this country burn if he could be King of the Ashes.”

Kendrick Lamar

‘His smile is a contagious thing that swallows up his face, pushing his cheeks up and out, his eyes into little slits. It’s a smile that’s thinking, searching, connecting, communicating.’ 🙂