He is Everything.

Are we so blind? Constantly asking ‘where are You God when this is happening to me?’. Saying ‘My faith is being tested’. Books of belief, faith and trust we are published to help those going through hard times, those waiting for something ‘good’ to happen. ‘Patiently’ waiting for Him to answer, restore us, yet we overlook the smile He sent us through a message we received in the morning, the laughter He blessed us with today from a conversation with a friend, the love He sent us through our counterparts an hour ago. We see these things as a part of life, a doing by a human, we never see them as a work of the Spirit, but are quick to praise the being,a human body for brightening our day. Is it not God that is light? Why do we only see that when ‘finally’ something good happens to me? Are we blind or am I just imagining things?


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