The fear of being Blind

The fear of being blind, the fear of being deaf. What have I been doing with myself the past week, feeling so detached from Gods work. Have you ever gone temporarily blind, simply walking in the direction of the wind, unmoved by all that is in front of you, simply putting one foot in front of the other, unaware of all that surrounds you? I have travelled these roads before, have seen things similar to those that appear today, but it should never be the same, I know there is always something new to discover in that same building that you wake up in, in that same road you drive by, in that same deli you eat at everyday, in that same creature you encounter everyday. I fear blindness because it dulls my senses, clouds my sight, to me it signals that I cannot see Gods magnificent creation, that I haven’t been in his presence, that I haven’t been living for a while. Now hearing, that’s another story, I get teary just thinking of losing both 😦


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