A Path

As I was being transported into a scenic trance by the clouds, I stumbled into a road that I had travelled on a million times, but had never visited with a tempering spirit. I felt myself stepping into a mans shoes, who at a time, in that very same spot, met the woman that would change his path. I stepped into the life of a woman, who in that same road thought her life was not worth living, until she came across a group of happy hawkers all chanting praises of her beauty, she was immediately embarrassed by her earlier state of mind. This road has many stories, a shared drink by the hawkers who swept these roads with their untamed joy. It has stories of a young girl excited to reach her destination, where her love awaited with garish gestures. This road has stories of a mother battling with her mind, praying with every step that tomorrow holds a better day for her and her loved ones. These roads have many footsteps, holds many questions, answers, secrets, revelations. It is a road travelled by me and many, but today it took me on a journey into the hearts of individuals I have never met, but who like me share a wonderful blessing, the blessing of being loved by God, beyond our circumstances and actions, beyond the time and space between us. Maybe I’m a crazy girl stuck in wonderland, but one thing I know is that I would love to hear the stories of the people who have travelled on this road.


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