Until the end of time!

We only said goodbye with words, oh why does the heart hold on forever. The sharp pang when your name is mentioned, how weak are my restraints that your sight paralyses me? Yes, yes, yes, my body yells when it feels you are near. I try, I know I try with all I have to let go of these juvenile feelings, oh but knowing that you are within reach overcompensates the hope. Am I even making sense, what does sense even have to do with this? I know you are the one for me, but please can I be the one for you! It’s you, it’s you, I know it’s you. I know it when I think of your smile, your eyes, the deliverance of your words to me, the comfort of your touch. It’s you, please realise that I’m the one for you. Let me wait… and there your heart goes beating for another, but let me wait some more. I cannot let you go, there is no way back and there is no moving forward without your affections, yes I give it all to you, whatever all is. We only said goodbye with words, but you still hold my love for what now feels like infinity 😦 .


Nightglows :)

‘We come and we go, We rise and we fall, We are nightglows’

As i wake

As you lay next to her, in happy a moment, in smiles, in joy, in love, your heart calls out for me. As you move with the passing of the day, succeeding in your conquests, honouring yourself with prosperity, growing in knowledge and in wealth, your heart calls out for me. As you dance to the night, toast to the felicity of the moment, praise the companions around you, your heart calls out my name. As dawn slowly opens the shutters and light knocks on your window, new opportunities creep into your house and the days challenges shake you awake; my heart, though far away from yours, though in the keeping of another, though lost in a time parallel to yours, cries out for you, it calls out your name, it grows more weary, more impatient, more ashamed, more defiant. I hope it finds you as young and innocent as you left it.

20th of October

It’s amazing how much strength God will give you at a time when the world believes you should be weak. It’s funny how the world will think of this strength as a concealment or an act to cover how much you have broken down, but the truth of the moment is that you have a Power so great lifting you up, guiding you forward; you can NEVER fall when in Gods graces, you only FEEL like you are falling because you forget that He forever walks with you. 🙂


Sometimes life blesses you with the warmest and sunniest of days. It puts productions together to display various kinds of love around and for a day clarifies your sight to see how much you have grown and how beautiful you are. This is such a day for me, a day where I have come to realise my growth from years past, to see the light that has truly been cast on my road. I am fortunate, I am grateful, I am unworthy, but His Graces still bless with such a day.

…Even the worst occurrence has some good memories in it; for when there is love where pain exists, life is eagerly restored.

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