As i wake

As you lay next to her, in happy a moment, in smiles, in joy, in love, your heart calls out for me. As you move with the passing of the day, succeeding in your conquests, honouring yourself with prosperity, growing in knowledge and in wealth, your heart calls out for me. As you dance to the night, toast to the felicity of the moment, praise the companions around you, your heart calls out my name. As dawn slowly opens the shutters and light knocks on your window, new opportunities creep into your house and the days challenges shake you awake; my heart, though far away from yours, though in the keeping of another, though lost in a time parallel to yours, cries out for you, it calls out your name, it grows more weary, more impatient, more ashamed, more defiant. I hope it finds you as young and innocent as you left it.


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  1. Simba says:

    Beautiful Masterpiece, poems should be written about this poetic work 🙂

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