In life I have been grateful for the good and the bad that has happened to me, whether caused by my own doing or by the hands of others. It is how I have taught myself to accept every outcome. I learnt to choose to rise with every occurence in my life; I have learnt to appreciate the stages  of overcoming, of growth and of prevailing. Through it all I have had the utmost gratitude to God, for giving me these moments, at what I now look back to and realise these were the perfect times to experience them. I realise I am favoured, yet so undeserving, to be blessed with the ability to accept every moment for what it is; a time to grow, a time to receive a message from God, a time to gain and give love, an opportunity to advance in spirit, mind and heart. I can plead only one thing to everyone, with whatever comes make sure you choose yourself.  This by no means urges you to be selfish, but when calm arrives and all is done, those who matter will understand that it is your time to be.


I have always known

With the years I have seeped into you, unaware that my love was being elevated by passing lovers. Many would think we have shared years of laughter, but my most surpassing moments with you are those spent in silence, revering the love you kept so eloquently and so calmy, even in the midst of all the turbulence and uproar. I hope this is not out of term, I hope my term in your heart transcends time.


If it’s so hard to let go of the past, do your best to make sure that the present is lived in such a manner, that it will bring feelings of elation and gratification when its time has come to pass


While lying outside on the balcony, I watched the clouds as they blissfully sailed by. What caught my eye though was this great illumination of a soaring bird. When I think of where my life is, it’s as if God is saying to me ‘patient, you are in formation and soon you will glide into heights unimaginable now and light up the skies, for even the blind will feel your touch’. Anyway that was my blessing today, I created ripples that turned into diamonds in water, then hours later I saw myself in the clouds. 🙂

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