The date and time in KZN

There are moments that you wish you could capture, like the moment when the way he sees her changes forever. You wish you could catch the moment when he imparts wisdom upon him or the moment when they share a tear of sadness, but comfort each other with hope. You wish that someone could catch your energy with the one/s you love; the joy moments together bring, the love escalated by the desire to share yourself sincerely.  I love these seconds, the times when I look upon the world and see happiness, when the link between two spirits brings upon calm and an air of gratitude.



Having one of those days where I’m feeling psychotic.  I don’t want to see anyone, but I need to be with someone.  I need his touch. I need his innocence.  I need his insight.  I need all of them, but I can’t call for any of them. I am unstable.  I am unable to untangle myself, the longing has consumed me and it won’t set me free until I let go of you. I cannot fight the feeling. Psychedelic.

We are alone now

I want to fall in love with you, I’m in love with you. I want my eyes shut and my ears closed.  I don’t want to see nor hear anything,  all I want is to breathe the love I have for him and for him to feel it in all its intensity.

I am part, as I am sole

At times I group myself when I speak of a certain kind of people, whether it be our ignorance or our charisma. I do this because I realised that these are the people that live within my space, the people I share myself with, the people I communicate with and the people I learn from, whether it be consciously or indirectly. I realised that in the journey of discovering myself I have to know the people I’m around well, be sagacious and prudent in their presence and in learning about who they are I can decide who I want to be. We never realise how much of what we read and what we hear affects our choices, our decisions and in turn who we become.

let me in

All he ever wanted was for me to be next to him, how simple love is, but we choose the excitement of complication. Now you experience the world, the worlds, and suddenly you pant and feverishly, foolishly, frantically search for that door that was open to you once before and as you approach it you wonder if it still holds the same invitation that was solely held for you, with no specifications of times nor of dates.

The art of your existence

I know a mind so complicated, so charming a smile, so alluring a look. A beat that out roars the thunder, a thought that transcends through lightning. She has never known her true power, how her being is an enigma that reveals the truth in a moment. Isn’t the most beautiful thing of having a person in your life feeling you will forever have them in it and with every passing hour, day, be it year, you will learn something new about them and in turn experience something new in life.

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