The alphabet

The swift breeze on a sunny day
I want more of you
The coolness
The beauty of hope
The promise in patience
The art of time revealed.
The freshness in the air
The splendid blossom
The luminous smile.


Shining Star

Your tears rain on me
Let me be your relief
Punch me
Hug me
Laugh at with me
Let me carry you

I want to be your shade
I want to be your warmth
Cite me
Trust me
Let me be your healer
The music that brings happiness

Let me place my light on you
and live where you live
and die where you die.

The child knows

What was your dream, before storms scared you and battles wounded you?
What was your dream, before you were rejected and hurtled away at every turn?
What was your dream, before the tears and sudden halt in your step?
What was the dream, before you were forced to change lanes, slow your speed, watch as others move ahead?
Maybe if you could tell me what your dream was and is, you may discover what needs to be done next and how you have been slowly cultivating the land in which your seeds will grow.

It submerged

A million spider webs,  birds seeking to be near. Trees shake as if a warning is at bay, then still, the top, the light of the full moon; the sound of  instant success and volatility.  I will drink to the full moon; the promise that tomorrow brings, the whisper of love from away a  land.

The 20th century settler

Even the good with you does not feel as though it is the best. At times I battle with myself as a result of your words. You bring elation, you bring torment, all is temporary. The good is good today, maybe better than yesterday, but with you there is no taste of what tomorrow will be. You warm my heart; you melt my heart to stone. The good is better than nothing I guess and who knows if there is not worse out there.

And now you don’t return my calls

We always want more, don’t we?  Unfortunately at times what we wanted becomes what we have, then our thirst is quenched and our hunger is fed, eventually we become full and after some time we want more, we need more and what we have is not enough anymore.

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