Soul searching

I once fell in love with a fallacy; it was undoubtedly the most posed and articulate of affections. Intricate, intriguing; assiduous in all its actions. A facade, clothed in greatness; a lone wolf perpetrating in territories immersed in danger; but still trotting along with its cunning words and deceptive stares. It was a mystical occurence, at a time when I had no ground to stand on; I was whisked into a laced abyss; lateral self, unaware I was descending into the depths of abandonment. But the bad comes with the good; if I had never seen what I was when I was what I am no more and wish to never be again, I would have never explored the better me. We become conceited when things are good, but when a world falls to it’s ashes we start to envision something untainted, eloquent and far more dimensional from what we use to see.


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