Never have I appreciated faith more than I do now. You know when you hear words from those who love you; ‘have you tried…’, ‘why don’t you try calling…’, ‘you know with these things you need to be….’, ‘ do not worry…’, you realize how important the voice within is. Sometimes people think they are lifting you up, but unfortunately at times all you hear from their voices is despair, fear, impatience and sympathy. And this is where faith comes in; faith comes with a voice of calm, an air of direction, and an eye that renders light. Faith reminds you of the strength you hold, the power you possess, the wisdom you have inherited and though time is still preparing a place for you to share these things, which at moments you already do, faith tells you to keep working on yourself because without even knowing it you are always at work, it may not be the kind the world requires of you, but if you are breathing you are at work and you are an integral part of a whole.


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