Why do you waver? Tip- toeing around your own happiness? Oh you heard about that big bad wolf that preys on those who dream? What a nightmare it must be to live in this life? They did ask after all if ‘this passion eats’? Maybe I should have asked them what the diet that maintains joy consists of?
Why do you waver, doubt, submerge yourself in polluted waters instead of assimilating the worlds that longingly wait to be touched by your feet?
Sometimes we stand, stuck, ensnared by the eyes that tail us; sometimes by our inadequacy to seek our own power. Instead of browsing around, admiring and seeking that which we do not know where it’s source derives from, can we acquire the tools that will assist us in mining our own lands and sewing our own seeds.
Choose to be wealthy, for your land is overflowing with honey and milk, but you need to see it and gather the will, the courage to extract the honey from the hive and milk the cow. Don’t be blind to your riches, allowing others to profit from your resources, while you sit poor in your porch, anxiously wondering what went wrong in your life.

Mark Twain and John T. Lewis
Mark Twain and John T. Lewis

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