I wish I could love you from a distance, choose you today and discard you tomorrow. But you can never depart from this, maybe only for a second but not for long. Right now I want you again, you need to come back before tomorrow takes over my senses. Did you hear about the heathens that begged their god to save them and when he came to be with them they left him soon after to go praise the felicity of the world? How generous is this world with disturbances, it pours you a shot of happiness today and has you begging for shelter from the heavy storms tomorrow.


What is was once before

You have been everything that should have been.

What can never come to be

You were and are my enigma. Gentle your touch feels yet it leaves a tingle of fear and coldness. Your gaze is enticing and inviting, it undresses my chest and leaves me vulnerable. That is what I want to be to you, that is not who I am, but I want to lay myself at your feet and like a slave be dragged by your fiery passions. You were and are my enigma, and at any moment my mind will fail to conceal the treasures that my body holds for you. I, like a child, will wail if you should leave me behind again because I yearn for the warmth of my head against your chest, while you wrap your arms around my fragile body and with a single gaze upon me, you let me know that I am finally safe.

To my love

As my truth dawns on me, in the silence that I have longed for, I find myself facing many realities of the journey I have traveled with you in my presence. I have never asked you for exclusivity, nor have I wanted it. It could be the selfishness of my ways or the idea of preserving our most innate desires. Granted I have tripped upon the notions of this world and at those times I found myself immersed in darkness and ghostly winds. You, to me, have been a simple pleasure, an art of contrasting strokes of shade and shape, moving in synchronized antithesis, all founded in an unjustified decree of belonging and entitlement. I am ashamed of my arrogance, boasting with my gaze that I would never lose your affections, yet I sleep in love with your kisses and wake up to a fling with worlds far removed from your bed. My hunger for you is suppressed by my lust for the unknown and so I can never ask for your exclusivity, I merely heed its presence and only wish for the simplicity that a moment in your embrace brings because that second alone is a forever interconnected to futures that are unknown. I lust for you, I lust for me, I am selfish and I am arrogant. You will always be mine and I yours in the little forevers that live in my eternity. Should you one day want to know my truth, it is that I love you and my spirit stays alive because we were once in moments in time.

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