To my love

As my truth dawns on me, in the silence that I have longed for, I find myself facing many realities of the journey I have traveled with you in my presence. I have never asked you for exclusivity, nor have I wanted it. It could be the selfishness of my ways or the idea of preserving our most innate desires. Granted I have tripped upon the notions of this world and at those times I found myself immersed in darkness and ghostly winds. You, to me, have been a simple pleasure, an art of contrasting strokes of shade and shape, moving in synchronized antithesis, all founded in an unjustified decree of belonging and entitlement. I am ashamed of my arrogance, boasting with my gaze that I would never lose your affections, yet I sleep in love with your kisses and wake up to a fling with worlds far removed from your bed. My hunger for you is suppressed by my lust for the unknown and so I can never ask for your exclusivity, I merely heed its presence and only wish for the simplicity that a moment in your embrace brings because that second alone is a forever interconnected to futures that are unknown. I lust for you, I lust for me, I am selfish and I am arrogant. You will always be mine and I yours in the little forevers that live in my eternity. Should you one day want to know my truth, it is that I love you and my spirit stays alive because we were once in moments in time.


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