A part to play

I simply acquiesced to his petition,
I do that most of the time. 
I’m not much of a protestor,
but I always retaliate with the notion,
‘you know my needs and wants, why don’t you meet them’.
Your requests I give into
with a lingering hope that you will choose to protect me.
Is silence a fools demise;
what tools do I have to fight with but all my expressions and tears?
Why do you not see my grievances when they have placed the crown on your head?

Speak for me universe,
Fight for me Spirit
then I shall let my actions be my words, they will hold my rebuttal,  they will be my concession.
And if I need to change my ways let it be pointed where and how
But at all times grant him patience, compassion and the will to protect my freedom
the courage to protect at all costs.


Shining Star

Your tears rain on me
Let me be your relief
Punch me
Hug me
Laugh at with me
Let me carry you

I want to be your shade
I want to be your warmth
Cite me
Trust me
Let me be your healer
The music that brings happiness

Let me place my light on you
and live where you live
and die where you die.

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